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Kirana Workforce Development is an ideal place for business owners and students to harmonise and build a better, more skilled workforce and a stronger more adaptable employee. When both employer and employee are aligning their skills against the objectives of the business great meaning can be achieved not just for them but for the consumer who uses the products and services their expertise lends itself to – you really can change the world!

Our traineeship offerings will vary state to state throughout Australia but here is a general list of what is most popular including With qualifications in Aged Care, Early Childhood Education and CareCommunity Services, Business & Management, Warehousing and Transport, and Retail, our aim is to ensure our students are skilled with up-to-date industry standards and most importantly getting that dream job.

 Early Childhood Education
and Care
Community Services Business and
Warehousing and TransportRetail

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Whether you’re an existing employee or an employer, Kirana Workforce Development is dedicated to building better business. But don’t just take our word for it, visit Kirana Workforce Development and see for yourself.


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